WordLinx Cashouts Explained

There's been some confusion recently about how our cashouts work, so here's a brief explanation.

All WordLinx cashouts require A and B...

A) Minimum of $10.00 USD in your Cash Balance. You can earn this any way you like - by completing Micro Tasks, by referring advertisers, by winning our Daily Prize and more - the choice is yours.

B) Pick one extra criteria from this list of five...

1. New PTP Earnings ($10 for cashout)
2. New Affiliate Sales ($5 for cashout)
3. New Micro Tasks ($5 for cashout)
4. New WordLinx GO (coming soon)
5. New Link Credits (coming soon)

These must be earned since your last cashout.

So for example, if you have over $10 in your account and you have completed $5 worth of Micro Tasks since your last cashout, you can withdraw your earnings.

Together with PayPal, we now support cashouts via Bitcoin. This makes it really easy to earn with WordLinx wherever you are.

30 Mar/1,528 Views