CoinChests: Exclusive Sneak Preview!

Our new get-paid-to-play game CoinChests launches on September 19th! Our talented team have created some amazing graphics that we just had to share.

CoinChests combines earning, advertising and affiliate marketing in a simple web-based game. Build a custom character, gain skills, collect items, sail to new islands and find treasure! 😃


Instead of paying Apple or Google hefty app-store fees, we've made CoinChests web-based, so we can share the profits with our players!

CoinChests pays 20% affiliate commissions for direct sales and 10% affiliate commissions for indirect sales. That means you can get paid for referrals even if they don't buy anything!

Free referrals also earn you pixels, so you can play more levels and find more in-game cash! Build a massive downline and make money while you sleep!

Register to claim your free $5 sign-up bonus today! Visit

12 Sep/1,050 Views