Share Points Cashout Deadline - March 15thA few months ago we changed how link sharing works to prevent system abuse. Next month we'll be introducing a new simpler and much fairer me... > More

10 Mar/459 Views

Daily Cash Prizes Increased!One of our members contacted us to say that they were receiving their cash prizes, but the amount reported on the Daily Prize page was zero.... > More

09 Mar/378 Views

New 50 Cent Micro Task Bonuses!We've just added a new progress bar feature to all our Micro Task pages. If you complete 5 or more tasks you'll get a free 50 Cent ($0.50 US... > More

07 Mar/373 Views

Login Page Updated!We've now updated our login page with an improved design for members using mobile devices. We've also added a new 'Stay logged in on this de... > More

06 Mar/262 Views

WordLinx GO x 5 multiplier!Together with getting paid up to $0.50 USD (50 Cents!) per email, we've now multiplied the amount of messages you get when you advertise. Al... > More

24 Feb/354 Views

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