Ultra-fast campaign delivery and more!

It's been another great month for WordLinx. We just passed 600 million link views - delivering around 20 link views every second!

Campaign speed has accelerated too, with untargeted adverts now being delivered around 5 times faster! Targeted ad speed (to US, UK, etc) has more than doubled!

We upgraded our infrastructure to handle the additional traffic and now shared links and PTP pages load up to 50% faster!

New Instant Commissions!

First announced last month, WordLinx now has a brand new affiliate commission system that pays up to 5 times more - instantly! Commissions are added to your account the second a referral buys.
We've also ditched all activity requirements (log in, click ads, etc). Just refer new advertisers to WordLinx and earn up to 50% per sale! It's that simple!

Basic (free) members - 10% per sale - 5 x more!
Verified members - 20% per sale - 2 x more!
Pro members - 30% per sale - 10% more!
Super members - 50% per sale!

Promote your Direct Purchase link (click 'Referrals > Banners & Links') to start earning while you sleep!

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Recent updates...

- CheapVisitors.com web capture improved - now works in just 5 seconds!
- WordLinx updated commission structure and overhauled referral system
- WordLinx Daily Prize! Win cash, funds, points and more every day!
- WordLinx Half Price Bonus! Advertise and get a 50% discount every 5th order!
- Additional security and boosted stability throughout the network

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our new support system.


15 Apr/699 Views