Traffic Exchange Boost and more!

Traffic Exchange Boost! Get $0.05 USD per 100 views...

Our new mobile-friendly Traffic Exchange is by far our most popular feature and we've just made it even better! Everyone can now earn the same as Elite members! ($0.05 per 100 views) Basic members can earn up to $0.05 per 100 views by leveling up for free!

Basic (free) members - $0.01-$0.05 per day - $18.25 per year*
Pro members - $0.10 per day - $36.50 per year* (costs just $19)
Super members - $0.15 per day - $54.75 per year*
Elite members - $0.25 per day - $91.25 per year*

* Earnings are not guaranteed. Requires daily views.

New CoinChests Pro! Skip adverts and collect coins faster...

Have you played CoinChests? We've just improved the game's Pro upgrade. Automatically skip adverts and clear 3 pixels in one tap!

- Totally free to join and earn
- Find chests worth up to $100.00 USD
- Get $1.00 USD per referral

Sign up today at

Summer Sale extended! Get 30% Extra until September 10th...

1. Go to the 'Add Funds' page
2. Enter an amount in USD
3. Pay securely via PayPal

The amount will automatically convert to / from your local currency during payment. The form now accepts all currency formats, including commas.

Thanks for reading. Any questions? Please contact support.

05 Sep/1,359 Views