New upgrade names, mobile links and more!

As part of this year's major overhaul, we're changing the names of our upgrades. Our Verified upgrade has always been confused with verified email addresses, so we're dropping the name and moving everyone up.

Verified > Pro > $19
Pro > Super > $99
Super > Elite > $199

Verified will become Pro, Pro will become Super and Super will become Elite. We'll also be increasing the price of Verified (Pro) from $9 to $19, so this is your last chance to extend for the old price.

Only the name will change. Your features will stay the same. Lifetime Verified members will become Lifetime Pro members. The new names and prices will come into effect February 1st 2021.

New email verification!

We're now sending emails out via a new provider. It's a good opportunity to make sure we have 100% opt-in subscribers. If you see a message when you log in, please follow the prompts.

Link shortening goes mobile!

Our link shortening system is now fully mobile compatible. This means if you see a great web address while on the move, you can now add it to your links to save it. Verified (Pro) members can also save their links to folders.

Claim $5 free with Honeygain!

Honeygain pays you to use your internet connection. It's as simple as it sounds. Just download their software (Trustpilot 4/5) and you can start earning in minutes!

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Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our support form.

23 Jan/1,209 Views