New PTP Server, New Pricing and more!

Our Paid To Promote service has become so popular that we've had to add another new server! From thousands, to hundreds of thousands, our system is now delivering millions of visitors every week.

Due to the extra work involved in setting up new servers, APIs, etc we've had to temporarily suspend our mobile-friendly redesign, but work will resume as soon as possible.

New Unlimited Visitors Pricing!

Since we introduced our monthly UV service we've had a discounted rate of $29 from $49. From August, you'll only be able to get the discounted rate of $29 per month with a purchase of two months advertising ($58).

This is your last chance to buy one month for $29. Log in and click 'Advertise > Unlimited Visitors' to buy today!

New $5 Daily Prize!

Just surf 20 sites on our Traffic Exchange to win up to $5 (5 x $1) every day! It's that simple!

2 Tier Affiliate Program!

All members now earn 20% on Tier 1 and 10% on Tier 2 for Micro Tasks, upgrades and funding. (If your previous upgrade has higher commissions, you'll earn those instead.)

Advertisers spend thousands a year on worldwide promotion by funding their accounts. Our funding limit has now been raised to $500, so you can refer advertisers and earn unlimited $100 (20%) Tier 1 commissions for free!

Can't refer advertisers? Get someone to do the hard work for you! Simply refer regular members and if they refer new advertisers, you can earn unlimited $50 (10%) Tier 2 commissions for free!

To refer new members and advertisers to WordLinx, just share your referral link (wordlinx .com / your member number). For example,

24 Hour Micro Tasks!

You'll now get paid within 24 hours for any Micro Task! That's up to 3 times quicker! Play games, watch videos, complete offers, download apps, go shopping and more!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our support form.

02 Jul/1,586 Views