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Together with the massive amount of other features we've introduced recently, you can now earn money by sharing links!

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The possibilities are endless! Just shorten and share, then convert your Share Points into cash!

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Most other paid link shorteners only pay you if you promote their advertisers first. People won't see what you've linked to unless they skip the previous advert.

WordLinx shortened links are different. Visitors will be taken directly to the site you've linked to with our share bar above. Example -

How much will you earn? You decide!

Instead of paying a fixed rate per thousand (CPM), our Smart Rate adjusts daily for each member based on their activities.

From a generous $0.20 CPM, you can increase your own rate by completing extra offers, referring other members and more.

Convert your Share Points for $0.30 CPM, $0.40 CPM, $0.50 CPM and above! Log in and click 'Links' to get started today!

* Regular network terms apply

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