Mobile Redesign, Knowledge Base and more!

Our mobile-friendly redesign is taking a little longer than planned and we'll need a couple more weeks to get everything finished. It will now launch on Monday, June 15th.

You can look forward to a sleek new design with simplified navigation, integrated news and a brand new knowledge base to replace our outdated FAQs section.

Other recent improvements include...

New $5 Daily Prize!

Just surf 20 sites on our Traffic Exchange to win up to $5 (5 x $1) every day! It's that simple!

2 Tier Affiliate Program!

All members now earn 20% on Tier 1 and 10% on Tier 2 for Micro Tasks, upgrades and funding. (If your previous upgrade has higher commissions, you'll earn those instead.)

Advertisers spend thousands a year on worldwide promotion by funding their accounts. Our funding limit has now been raised to $500, so you can refer advertisers and earn unlimited $100 (20%) Tier 1 commissions for free!

Can't refer advertisers? Get someone to do the hard work for you! Simply refer regular members and if they refer new advertisers, you can earn unlimited $50 (10%) Tier 2 commissions for free!

To refer new members and advertisers to WordLinx, just share your referral link (wordlinx .com / your member number). For example,

24 Hour Micro Tasks!

You'll now get paid within 24 hours for any Micro Task! That's up to 3 times quicker! Play games, watch videos, complete offers, download apps, go shopping and more!

Unlimited Visitors - still just $29!

Thousands of visitors to the (family safe) link of your choice for less than a dollar a day! Incredible value for money. Click 'Advertise > Unlimited Visitors' for details.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our support form.

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