Happy Holidays! Gift ideas and more!

CoinChests Gift Cards! Perfect for any pocket...

Just in time for the holidays, you can now send CoinChests Gift Cards to your friends, relatives and co-workers! Priced from $0.99 to $79.99, the cards suit any budget. Just enter their email address and buy!

Best of all, if they don't already have an account, they'll get assigned as your referral. So you'll get paid for everything that they (or their referrals) purchase! It's the gift that keeps giving... back! 🎁😃

Find out more at CoinChests.com

19th Birthday! Nearly 2 decades and still going strong...

In October WordLinx turned 19 years old. A tremendous achievement in a world where most GPT sites don't last 19 weeks. Massive thanks to all of our members and advertisers for your continued support.

Slightly delayed due to work on CoinChests, we're incredibly excited to announce that in January we're launching a brand new website!

This is a totally new and unique site, separate from WordLinx. We've spent years creating a product that delivers exactly what advertisers need, at a price that everyone can afford. Affiliates can get paid thousands for giving away free advertising. More news soon!

Brand New Layout! Earn faster with improved navigation...

Following feedback that our member area was too complicated, we've created a fresh, responsive layout for desktop, tablet and mobile. You can now access all sections of our site, in order of popularity, by using a simple menu on the left. The menu includes Daily Prize notifications, with a yellow alert or ready green after 20 Traffic Exchange views.

Traffic Exchange Boost! Get $0.05 USD per 100 views...

Our new mobile-friendly Traffic Exchange is by far our most popular feature and we've just made it even better! Everyone can now earn the same as Elite members! ($0.05 per 100 views) Basic members can earn up to $0.05 per 100 views by leveling up for free!

Basic (free) members - $0.01-$0.05 per day - $18.25 per year*
Pro members - $0.10 per day - $36.50 per year* (costs just $19)
Super members - $0.15 per day - $54.75 per year*
Elite members - $0.25 per day - $91.25 per year*

* Earnings are not guaranteed. Requires daily views.

Thanks for reading. Any questions? Please contact support.

19 Dec/1,385 Views