Geo-targeting, PTCpad update and more!

Recently we introduced a brand new kind of advertising, enabling you to reach millions of people beyond WordLinx across the whole web! 4.5 million views and counting!

If this wasn't enough, we've now improved the system so instead of promoting worldwide you can geo-target up to 5 different countries!

Just log in and click 'Links' to create a link, then click 'Create Campaign'. Alternatively, you can order direct here -

PTCpad update!

Free members can now add unlimited banners to their pages! Previously non-Pro members were limited to just 8 programs. We've now lifted this restriction, so you can promote as many as you like!

If you joined PTCpad before but it wasn't clear how to use it, we've also added a new step-by-step guide to the member area. Get started today at

Get paid to share links!

You can now convert your Share Points into cash! Depending on your member level and activities, you could earn as much as $0.50+ for every thousand visitors!

Generate income while you sleep! Just log in and click 'Links' to shorten any web address or referral link, then promote it on popular websites!

Win prizes in the fun caption competition at

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

17 Jul/595 Views