Exclusive Offer! New Ad Network - Pre-Order & Get 70% Off!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. The creators of WordLinx are launching a brand new ad network and we're giving YOU first access with exclusive offers!

WordLinx has been online for 15+ years. Over that time we've gathered a huge amount of knowledge about the online ad industry, how to manage thousands of users and the economics of running a successful international business.

We've achieved a great deal, but we've always dreamed bigger and now it's time to evolve. Introducing Adevo - a unique advertising platform that enables anyone to promote anything (family safe) to millions of people.

The responsive 3-in-1 system can reach people wherever they are, distributing high quality ads across desktop, tablet and mobile. With a strong focus on privacy protection, Adevo has been custom-coded from the ground up, incorporating data-level security and GDPR compliance as standard.

Adevo officially launches on Friday February 8th. However, you can pre-order now and get 70% off! Amazing savings!

Just visit adevo.com/signup to get your free pre-launch account. Hurry, less than two weeks left!

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Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our support form.


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