Even faster payments, new prices and more!

Great news! Upgraded members now get paid for completed Micro Tasks within 24 hours! We've also halved waiting times for Basic members from 14 days to just 7 days!

If you're not earning with Micro Tasks yet, there's never been a better time to start. Just log in and click 'Rewards > Micro Tasks' and get paid to play games, watch videos and more!

New Prices!

In our last newsletter we proudly announced 'ultra-fast campaign delivery'. Massive thanks to everyone that purchased, however due to popularity our campaign delivery has now slowed again.

To solve this, we are changing our pricing from $2 per thousand visitors to $3 per thousand. This is still incredibly cheap compared to other providers and you'll still receive a half price discount every 5 orders.

The new prices will come into effect on June 30th, so you have just over a week to take advantage of our current rates. Log in and click 'Advertise' to set up a new campaign.

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Instant Commissions!

WordLinx now pays up to 5 times more - instantly! Commissions are added to your account the second a referral buys. Just refer new advertisers to WordLinx and earn up to 50% per sale! It's that simple!

Basic (free) members - 10% per sale - 5 x more!
Verified members - 20% per sale - 2 x more!
Pro members - 30% per sale - 10% more!
Super members - 50% per sale!

Promote your Direct Purchase link (click 'Referrals > Banners & Links') to start earning while you sleep!

European Regulations.

As part of GDPR we've simplified account navigation. To review your current email preferences, just log in and click 'Account > Profile'. We also invite you to review our updated Privacy Policy.

If you no longer require your account, log in and click 'Account > Profile' then click 'Delete Account' and confirm.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our support form.


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