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Over the last few weeks we've updated the network with some great new features...

- Reduced payment waiting time for surveys, tasks and offers (as little as 7 days!)
- Share Points to cash conversion rate boosted from $0.20+ CPM to $0.30+ CPM!
- Improved link advertising quality. Guaranteed 5 second+ real views for just $0.002!

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This month we've added the following...

- SSL certificate for secure encrypted HTTPS connections to
- Paid To Promote link which pays double Share Points for every valid visitor
- Front page counter and link shortener. Quickly create links without logging in!
- New 'Word' system which creates link tags based on site title and meta data
- Double referrals when you buy! Was 50, now 100 for just $39 - yours forever!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

22 Mar/631 Views