Better advertising platform and more!

As announced last week in our forum, from Monday August 21st WordLinx will no longer sell PTC advertising. This is part of a transition that started with the launch of our Link Ads platform in 2015.

Our Link Ads platform has many superior features including...

- More than 80% cheaper than Standard PTC Ads - just $0.002 each!
- Reach people all over the web, not just members of WordLinx!
- Real geo-targeting. Choose from over 200 different countries!
- Fast delivery with over a million link views every day!
- Easy setup. Click 'Advertise' and create a campaign. That's it!

Promote to over 100,000 readers
for just $35! Click 'Advertise >
Other Advertising' for details!

Other updates...

- Ultra fast sign-up. Start earning right away, then verify your email later
- Shortened links now only credit Share Points for visits over 1 second long
- SSL certificates for, and

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please contact us via our new support system.

17 Aug/693 Views