Are you advertising enough?

In this increasingly busy world, it's easy for people to overlook your products and services.

The marketing rule of 7 states that a person needs to see or hear your message at least 7 times before they take action. That's right, 7 times. Like many things in life, the key to success is persistence.

Ask yourself, do you rush out and buy a burger every time you see an advert for McDonald's? It's unlikely. However, if you see a few adverts and then your friend mentions it, you're far more likely to visit.

Have you ever shopped for a product online, then seen ads for similar products appear on every other site you go to? It's called retargeting and it can dramatically increase average click-through rates.

That's why even well-known brands continue to advertise. It's all about visibility. We know they're there, but without constant reminders customers can get distracted by other things, or worse, by competitors.

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Get Enriched!

Our new partner has combined Get Paid To (GPT) with one of the world's most popular products - coffee!

- Get paid to sign up and refer friends!
- Get paid to post on social media!
- Get paid to refer new customers!
- Get paid to receive emails + more!
- PayPal, Bitcoin and Gift Cards!

Worldwide we consume about 170 million bags of coffee a year. That's over 10 million tons of coffee! Enriched is 100% independent and only sources coffee beans from artisan suppliers close to origin.

Every order is freshly hand-roasted, then sealed in recyclable foil-lined pouches and shipped in eco-friendly, mailbox-friendly packaging. To find out more (plus get free samples and special discounts) just sign up free!

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