Adevo token sale, pre-launch beta and more!

Massive thanks to everyone who pre-ordered views on our new advertising network, Adevo. It's been a bumpy few weeks, but we're almost ready to go!

We've combined over 15 years of industry experience with professional design to create a truly unique 3-in-1 ad exchange, enabling members to promote their ads on desktop, tablet and mobile for free!

Best of all, you'll be able to promote things that don't work on other ad exchanges, like Facebook and Twitter pages, YouTube videos and more!

Adevo is now 90% ready and we're currently in beta (testing) phase for desktop/tablet ad browsing. Mobile ad browsing will be in place by the start of March, for our official (slightly delayed) launch!

Sign up at and start collecting coins today!

Buy Adevo Tokens!

We've issued 10,000 Adevo Tokens available to buy right now. Each token is worth 1,000 views. However, unlike regular advertising, Adevo Tokens gain ad value over time.

You will gain 1 extra view for every day that you keep your token and you will gain 1 extra view for every token purchased after you buy. Example...

1,000 views + 10,000 views = 11,000 views
$10 ad value + $100 ad value = $110 ad value

You can use tokens to advertise, or sell them to the highest bidder! The earlier you buy, the more you will gain!

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