14th birthday, daily prizes, bonuses and more!

Next month WordLinx will be 14 (yes, fourteen!) years old! We're incredibly grateful to everyone for sticking with us for all these years.

As a thank you, we've added free daily prizes and other bonuses for all members! (Upgraded members get extra features and bigger prizes!)

- Daily Prize! Win cash, funds, points and more every day!
- Half Price Bonus! Advertise and get a 50% discount every 5th order!
- Extra Micro Tasks! We'll be adding more providers very soon!

Brand new advertising tool!

Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter protect their content and only show a blank page when you try to advertise them on traffic exchanges and PTC sites.

Our new project vsha.re lets you promote any video or site on ANY other site! Promote YouTube videos on WordLinx, promote your Facebook page on ClixSense - the possibilities are endless!

Best of all, it's completely FREE to use! Just visit https://vsha.re then enter a video or web address and it'll be instantly converted into a shareable page! Try it today!

The internet is a busy, busy place now... billions
of people online every day. So easy for us to get
distracted. Check this out -- now everything makes
sense and its an easy blueprint to follow.


Last chance to buy or rent referrals!

Since 2015 WordLinx has been slowly transitioning from a PTC into a shared links network. As part of that transition, from Monday October 2nd we will no longer sell or rent referrals.
If you have rented referrals you will be able to continue renewing them as usual, although this is now your last chance to rent extra referrals.

Similarly, if you are enjoying regular random bonuses from your purchased referrals, you now only have a week left to buy more.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via our new support system.


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